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Creating shared value


At Nareva, we believe that our growth should make sense. That is why we see creating shared value is an engine-enabler for responsible growth in all our activities. It is crucial for us that all our actions contribute to a better future, whether it is for our employees, customers, host communities or the world around us.

A Sustainable Development policy in line with our values

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The foundations of our sustainable development policy are based on the major guidelines set by our shareholder, Al Mada, in terms of CSR. This vision is expressed in 3 powerful and engaging words:

  • Sustainability; by investing in structuring business sectors on a long term basis,
  • Efficiency; through promoting the emergence of a modern economy,
  • "Positive Impact"; by respecting the local territories and contributing to the development of the communities that host our projects and assets

For Nareva, being an ethical and civic company, which creates shared value is obvious is in alignment with the company DNA. Thus, we act, at all times and in all circumstances, in compliance with national and international laws and regulations. We combine the development of our projects with our civic commitment to achieve responsible growth. Our approach is to achieve continuous improvement.

Beyond compliance, our identity is based on 5 main values. On a daily basis, these pillars illustrate our corporate responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, communities and all of our stakeholders.

We are proud of the values that unite us:

  • Respect, which shapes our daily behavior and is reflected through our ability to listen and our ethical conduct.
  • Responsibility, which leads us to think about shared value and sustainable solutions for the benefit of our stakeholders, but also for the future of our company.
  • Team spirit, which drives us to fulfill our mission with coherence and collective intelligence.
  • Innovation, which encourages us to seek or create suitable solutions.
  • Boldness, which allows us to make smart business decisions that satisfy the expectations of our shareholders

A sustainable development policy around 4 priorities

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Our sustainable development policy revolves primarily around 4 commitments: social, societal, environmental and economic.

Social commitments

Nareva considers its staff as its primary energy and the driving force of its activities. The group engenders this creative force by promoting an inclusive work environment.

Health, safety and talent development are three key elements guiding its Human Resources policy. This is why the company does everything it can to offer the most appropriate conditions in terms of medical coverage, safety requirements and professional development.

Societal commitments

Nareva supports the development and improvement of the quality of life of the populations of its neighbouring communities, especially the most vulnerable, through 2 major actions: education-training and social-economic integration through entrepreneurship. This drives and supports the development of all our production sites and allows us to establish a harmonious and lasting relationship with all of our stakeholders.

Nareva aspires to have a positive impact on all of its communities and to contribute to the creation of shared values. The group achieves this goal by establishing a permanent and structured dialogue with its stakeholders, during all phases of the Project, from development to construction and during operation.

To give even more meaning to its societal actions, Nareva has developed a strong partnership with Injaz Al Maghrib, a non-profit organization working to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit among young people and rural populations:

  • Injaz Al Maghrib programs implemented by our volunteer workers in schools, colleges and high schools
  • Dedicated actions promoting academic success
  • A structured support course for cooperatives

Environmental commitments

As part of national policies, and beyond national and international regulatory requirements, Nareva confirms its vocation as a committed and innovative player in the Moroccan energy industry, through support for the energy transition and reduction of carbon emissions.

We have thus developed an asset portfolio made up of more than 60% of wind power, and each new project incorporates the most suitable technologies, resulting in the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Economic commitments

As a responsible investor, Nareva focuses on the challenges of a sustainable economy in order to offer long-term solutions that benefit investors and stakeholders, throughout its value chain.

We are implementing the necessary procedures and encouraging responsible behavior among our suppliers, subcontractors and all of our project partners. To achieve this, we act as a responsible principal and promote respectful partnerships adapted to local contexts.

Charte éthique Nareva

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Consultez la charte éthique Nareva ici.