About us



The Board of Directors, (the Board), is a collegial body whose primary responsibility is to oversee the management of Nareva's activities and affairs.

The Board ensures the respect of Nareva’s social interest, the protection of its property and assets, and their long-term development. The Board makes strategic choices as well as investment and divestment decisions. It oversees the management and monitoring of the company and guarantees the accountability of Nareva towards its shareholders. The Board also verifies the integrity and quality of financial and non-financial information, with the support of its committees. It also monitors Nareva’s financial and non-financial information, its strategic positioning, its operational, social and environmental performance.

The Board, which convenes meeting at least four times a year, is composed of 6 members:

  • Saïd Elhadi, Chairman and CEO
  • Hassan Ouriagli, Administrator
  • Aymane Taud, Administrator
  • Abdelmjid Tazlaoui, Administrator
  • Imad Toumi, Administrator
  • Ali Fassi Fihri, Administrator

Three board committees have been established:

The Strategic Committee, that aims support the Board in defining Nareva’s strategic directions, and in making investment or disinvestment decisions.

A Risk & Accountability Committee, that examines the risk management policy and measures the potential outcomes. It also supervises the activities of the internal audit by focusing on the planning, advancement and completion of internal audit assignments. Finally, it is involved in the collection of the opinion of the External Auditor and to comment on the situation of the company's accounts.

A Nomination and Remuneration Committee, which decides on the remuneration policy, the appointment of managers and corporate officers, the evaluation of their performance and their career development. This entity also examines high- potential employees who constitute breeding grounds for the succession plan.



Nareva is headed by a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, assisted by the members of the Executive Committee.

The CEO and his Executive Committee ensure the group's strategic coherence, the development and financing of projects, but also support for Nareva's operational subsidiaries, particularly with regard to corporate, legal, financial and HR aspects.

The Executive Committee is composed of the following people:

  • Saïd Elhadi, Chairman and CEO
  • Mohamed Sajid, Deputy General Manager - Business Development
  • Mohamed Sebti, Deputy General Manager - Industrial Development & Innovation
  • Mariam El Hannoumi, Executive Vice President - Finance, Procurement & IT
  • Chouaïb Hadouiri, Human Resources Director
  • Amandine Decoux, Legal Director