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Morocco has adopted, since 2009, an ambitious energy policy placing renewable energies at the center of the national energy mix. By 2030, the share of renewable resources will have to reach 52% of installed capacity. An important turning point for the kingdom, which is on the way to become one of the most committed emerging countries most committed to the development of wind and solar energy. With renewable assets in operation, under construction or under development of nearly 2,000 MW, Nareva is the leading private player in wind power in Africa.

Internationally, Nareva is part of the consortium that was provisionally declared in 2019 as successful tenderer for the construction of the Gafsa photovoltaic power plant.

This large-scale project is one of the first solar "Independent Power Producer" projects, launched by Tunisia, and is part of the development program for the renewable energy sector. It is also Nareva's 1st Pan-African project.



Nareva's open market wind portfolio is carried by its operating subsidiary "Energie Eolienne du Maroc" (EEM).

Being the first national park to be developed under Act 13-09, it consists of 4 sites with a total cumulative capacity of 505 MW, i.e. the equivalent of the consumption of a Moroccan city of 2.5 million inhabitants.

Its energy production directly serves Moroccan industrial customers. 



Tarfaya: one of the largest wind farms in Africa

The Tarfaya site is one of the largest wind farms to date on the African continent. This park was developed in partnership with Engie and the Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable (ONEE). It meets the needs of nearly 1.5 million households, or the equivalent of the population of Marrakech, and thus contributes to Morocco's greater energy independence.

850 MW Integrated Wind Project: Morocco's largest wind project

With a total capacity of 850 MW, the Integrated Wind Project (PEI), launched by ONEE as part of an international call for tenders, is the largest wind project ever considered in Morocco. The consortium, led by Nareva, ENEL Green Power, presented the most competitive offer, combining both the world's lowest tariff and the highest industrial integration rate.

This project is at the origin of the emergence of a local turbine blades industry and the strengthening of the Moroccan expertise and know-how in this sector. Indeed, the industrial integration rate, reflecting the proportion of equipment and services carried out locally, should double to reach 70%, compared to 35% in previous renewable energy projects.

This high rate was made possible thanks to the commitment of Siemens, supplier partner of the consortium, to manufacture a large part of the wind turbine components locally, with the installation of the first blade manufacturing plant in Morocco. This 850 MW Integrated Wind Project is therefore a driving force for the Moroccan wind industry and will help place the country as a regional industrial hub.

The 850 MW Integrated Wind Project includes the construction and operation of five wind farms in Morocco, in the regions of Midelt, Tiskrad, Tangier, JbelLahdid and Boujdour.